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PiggyIT is a fun and easy money app for kids. It is a way to manage allowance to your kids and teach them responsibility. Give your kids an allowance, assign them chores, and reward them for good behavior. This is a piggy bank app, an allowance app, a chore chart app, and more, all rolled into one exciting experience!

What does PiggyIT do?

PiggyIT is a chore chart app that allows parents to manage household tasks and assign them to their children. It helps to teach kids about being responsible with money and helps to create good habits around the house. Kids can also ask permission to purchase items with our intuitive app.

Wait, there’s more 🙂

  • Parents and kids will be able to review “earning” and “spending” reports to teach and learn proper financial behavior. 
  • Kids will be able to allocate funds for charity or set up a goal to save for a specific purpose, all from our convenient piggy bank app. 
  • On each chore/task or purchase there is a unique chat option where kids and parents can negotiate and discuss.

What’s next?

  • PiggyIT is working to add educational websites to our money app for kids, so they can get rewarded for completing extracurricular work
  • We are also  working to add digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc) so purchasing will be integrated directly into the app

If you have any ideas or suggestions – please send us a message using the app so we can improve the app.

Now what?

Download the PiggyIT allowance app and start improving your child's money management skills!

If you like the app, make sure to share it with friends and family. For every 10 people that join with your referral (excluding your family unit), you will earn $5. It's that easy.

Download Anywhere

PiggyIT is available to download on the App Store and Play Store. Click the respective links below to download on your device.

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