Why did we start PiggyIT?

As a father of three rambunctious kids, I found it difficult to maintain order and keep up with all of my children’s numerous demands. I thought that there had to be a better way; how could I maintain my sanity and still ensure that my kids did what they were supposed to? This is where I came up with an idea for a better chore tracking app for my kids and family. An app that would allow me to manage the household from the
comfort of the couch.

Who We Are?

Small companies can accomplish big goals

PiggyIT was started as a personal project but blossomed into the multi-use app and child credit card system that it is today. We are excited to share it with you and hope PiggyIT helps reduce some of the stress in your life. Our chore tracking app for kids is designed with busy families in mind!

Meet The Team

These are the people that helped to bring PiggyIT to life. They are all integral to the success of the app and will continue on our journey to grow and make PiggyIT, the best allowance and chore tracking app for kids, possible. 

Gil Barzeski
Founder / CEO
App Enthusiast
Like to help, learn, surfing and snowboarding. But most off all, love his Ice Cream shake.
Eitan Barzeski
Web Designer
Got her Driver License,helping with drive her little brother to after school activity and enjoys the freedom of using PiggyIT to save money for art supply 🙂

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PiggyIT offers a modern solution to a timeless problem.

Contact Info

Please reach out if you have concerns or suggestions to better PiggyIT.

37 York Rd.

Willow Grove, PA 19090