Using the PiggyIT banking app for kids, parents can assign tasks that need to be completed. You can have a recurring task like taking out the trash or cleaning your room. You can also create one-time tasks like completing a project for English. Why would the kids want to do these tasks you may ask? Well, money talks. For each task, you can assign money that they will receive after they have completed what they were supposed to. Think of PiggyIT as your new favorite chore debit card, where kids can track their earnings and allowance all through an app.


Our allowance tracker app has the functionality to approve and deny purchases. If your kids are old enough to go out on their own but not old enough to have their own money, you can set a spending limit through PiggyIT. If they want to purchase a pair of jeans that costs 20$ but their daily spending limit is only $10, they can send you a request and you will have the option to confirm or deny the request. This banking app for kids makes it easy for parents to track their child’s spending, creates conversations regarding money management, and fosters a positive relationship between children and their chores!

Gift Cards

Another feature of PiggyIT is the ability to purchase gift cards from many different retailers without having to leave the house! You can even purchase gift cards on future dates and have them automatically sent to the recipient through this exciting banking app for kids. You don’t even have to remember your child’s birthday anymore!

Cash Out

In PiggyIT, there is also a capability to cash out. This allows your children to convert their balance in the app into real money. In this case, PiggyIT helps keep track of their chore debit card balance virtually, while still allowing the parent control over their access.