Why are gift cards better than cash gifts?

Why are gift cards better than cash gifts?

What can be more exciting than a product that can be Recycled, Re-used, and Returned? A perfect gift that does exist now like never before. A present about which you don’t have to worry regarding the appropriate size, usefulness for the receiver, etc. Are you still wondering? It’s a Gift Card!

In recent years, the idea of Gift cards has gained popularity. It may be because of the unlimited benefits of Gift cards over cash gifts. You don’t have to wrap up huge presents in sparkling packaging. It is because gift cards are little portable packets filled with love.

Gift-giving can be a complicated and stressful process. It happens when one doesn’t know what to offer as a gift. Both cash gifts and gift cards make fantastic gifts. But there are several factors due to which Gift cards are an excellent gift. Before deciding while offering a gift to someone, do consider all the pros and cons.

Gift Cards are a lucky charm
Gift cards signify a little more effort. These cards work under the Christmas tree while cash doesn’t. You can fabricate these cards with the touch of your creativity. When you invest your deep sentiments and time in decorating something, it turns out charming. You love the smile on your special one’s face when he/she admires your gift card. Gift cards work for people of all age groups due to their aesthetic sense.

Cold Hard Cash is not a good idea
Not everyone likes to accept cash from others. Cash gifts are considered impersonal and deficient in creativity. They may indicate your disinterest in offering the present since it is as easy as having a piece of cake to take the cash out of your wallet and present it to someone as a gift. You definitely won’t want to seem rude.

Cash ends up spent while we handle cards with great care. It means Gift cards last longer than money.

Re-use of Gift Cards
You may exchange gift cards with money and also re-gift them to someone or donate them to charity. You can buy stuff of your choice by using gift cards. If you don’t get what to do with the unwanted gift card, return it to the issuing retailer.

You can present customized and ready-made gift cards to your loved ones on different occasions such as Christmas, Birthday, Wedding anniversary, baby shower, holiday party, etc. You can also store them as a beautiful memory.

 Gift Cards add value to the business
The major shift in the cult from traditional gifts to modern style manual and digital gift cards is possibly due to millennials driving part of the retail market.

Gift cards make the best business presents that can be given to your customers straight away. It involves storing money in the bank temporarily. Later on, the money is refunded when customers redeem their gift cards. Usually, gift cards last for three years. But you can choose to extend their expiry date for business purposes.

Companies make piles of money with unused gift cards. Sold gift cards are a liability until we use them. When spent, then they are counted as revenue. A study suggests that US enterprises made 970 million dollars in resources because of these un-utilized cards.

Finally, Gift Cards or Cash?
So far, you have studied the advantages of Gift cards over cash. Now, it is easy for you to choose from the two options.  Would you like to add value to someone’s life or money? Which one will satisfy the receiver?

Gift Card: Yay

Cash Gift: Nay

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